Welcome to our custom-made Axe Market.

Axe Throwing is continually growing as a favourite sport and passtime. We wanted to celebrate our fellow Axe Makers by selling one of their masterpieces in our Makers Market. See something you like? You can buy it right here, right now.

A simple man having fun throwing axes and almost a much fun making custom wood handles for those that like to be fancy as fuck

Colin aka “Goose”


81 Rainbow Axe

The 81 Axes version of the LGBT pride flag. Wenge core with a @roarockit maple veneers to make the colours pop and a small amount of white resin to finish it off. And natually a Warriors Plumb to finish it off.

It all started at a window sill, with a pair of vice grips, and a need to remove the yellow paint of a shopro hatchet. Now, you can get fully customized, in house hung personalized axes. From colour blends to laser engraving, Log Head Axe Mods strives to create a great quality product every time.


Dave Lougheed   

IG: @log.head.axe.mods  

Log Head Banned Series

LogHead Banned Series

Trying to keep a theme going for this axe, that fit the term “Warriror” had me searching the internet for a historic reference that was on par with the axe throwing community. Well, when i was reminded of Leonidas and the Spartans it clicked. They had each others backs and supported one another. They helped each other to become the best they could be. So I set off on showcasing specific scenese of the movie. This is the final result.

We build/customize, repair/restore axes and hatchets. We hand make any leather sheath.



Heathen Axes Reaper Axe

Warriors Reaper Axe, handle custom painted and airbrushed by Heathen Axes in “Reaper” Reaper theme. Coated in hard clear, eposy/resin. Spiderweb etched on blade.  Custome Heathen handmade 1 of 1 “Sickle” sheath.This is a 1 of 1 axe and will not be reproduced.

Message from Warriors Team: I do appologize becaues I could not get photos to do this axe justice. This axe is so absolutely well done, this one in person will blow anyone away!! This axe has well over 18 hours of artwork.

Axequisite Axes specializes in making custom handles and sheaths for a wide variety of axes. Custom handles vary from simple to extravagant multi-laminated handles. All of my axes come with a matching sheath.

IG: @axequisite_axes   

FB: Axequisite Axeworks by TK    

Bloodwood Reaper

A Reaper head on a handle made up bloodwood and hickory with a beautiful lacewood accent. 14 inches long so you can cut to the length you desire. Plus a cutom sheath to match!!

Ace Etching started as a cool hobby to customize axes for my throwing friends and quickly developed into a passion. Every piece I etch pushes me to innovate and improve my technique, and sometimes even experiment and develop new ones. It always brings a smile seeing a beautifully etched axe highlighted in a Clutch or Kill glamour shot!

IG: @ace.etching 

FB: ACE.Etching

"I am" Axe

The Dominion of Canada axe was inspired by love of Country, and love of beer. I wanted my first entry into the Makers Market to be a bold design with wide appeal. Who can throw and axe and not feel Canadian? The Warriors Reaper was polished to a high gloss and deep etched with the Date of Confederation and a patriotic motif reminiscent of a popular beer marketing campaign from the late 90’s. Please Molson don’t sue! Enamel colour was added for impact and then the handle was simply sanded and torched and finished with tung oil.

KillerStix is a blend of style and performance in the axe industry. Based out of Red deer, Alberta, we design and produce unique custom competition throwing axes for those wanting something a little extra to stand out from the crowd.

Be Unique, Be Killer!

Instagram: @KillerStix

Facebook: /Killerstix

KillerStix Warrior Axe

Discription Coming Soon

Coming Soon – Elevate Etching

Coming Soon

Just wait it will be epic!

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